Social Networking – Is it for me?

The sentiment which envelops our society today is this necessity of being connected. People from around the globe use social mediums like Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch, network and even expand their relationships and communities but for those who are not so social-savvy should these options be considered or left to one side? Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of these social mediums:


  • Great for keeping in touch with family and friends. For businesses it is a great way to reach out to your target market and get a feel for what people are looking for.
  • Conversing with others outside your social circle can lead to new friendships. Social mediums such as LinkedIn can be useful for businesses looking to network with each other.
  • Good for passing the time and letting people know your opinion. Great for businesses to create awareness of their brand and have a medium for which possible customers can discuss their product, etc.
  • Unlimited capabilities as social mediums allow you to speak to the world at large (with sites like Twitter)


  • Pressure to always keep up to date and constantly conversing with people. For businesses this can cost a lot of time and money as someone would have to manage your social medium account.
  • Too many mediums can be quite confusing and hard to keep up to date with – people not sure about whether to have Facebook, Twitter or various social accounts. Businesses can have same problem as whether to have business page for Facebook or Twitter, etc.
  • Opening yourself up for risk of attack – many social networking sites are used by hackers as a method of infecting your computer and without proper know-how this can lead to infection.
  • Longevity of the social mediums can also be a problem as with trends constantly changing social networking sites have come and gone (e.g. Bebo) for people and businesses this can be a problem as you have put a lot of effort into setting up your account only for the site to become unpopular and forgotten about.


From examining the pros and cons of social mediums it is all down to the personal preference of the person or business owner as whether it is something that deserves investing into. However, only with proper knowledge of the medium and these various advantages and disadvantages can one truly realise the cost and commitment which is involved with creating your networking profile. For those of you that are still uncertain of these platforms it is best to get as much information as you can before going down the route of social networking. For more information or help with social mediums you can check out my blog:, email Cosgrove IT via or you can even call into our office today.


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